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I am a Middleweight Design Researcher with a strong passion for humans, data and innovation.

Growing up on a smallholding in rural Ireland I experienced technological innovation first hand from an early age. Be it in my father's workshop or out in the fields every problem encountered had to be solved with what was available; mending, hacking and building, body or machine. My early life equipped me with the flexibility to work independently or as a team while fostering a deep understanding of community. Yet the greatest skill I have from these years the ability to embrace complexity and take a holistic view. Farming requires one to fully understand the environment, the behavior of human and animal, the government regulation, the global markets, evolving methods & machinery as well as the complex ethics of the sector.

Design was an easy career choice but finding my discipline was not, working across interiors, fashion, product, graphics and strategy I am a post-disciplinary designer and my home is in Design Research. Design Research satisfies my incurable curiosity and obsession with learning. An inherently social being, I am well suited to the agile environment and a confident communicator in interactions with any stakeholders from mayor or CEO to users in marginalised communities. Preoccupied by data, my research process relies on both quantitative and qualitative methods as a way to see the big picture (big data) without losing the nuance of the lived human experience.

Working at the intersection of humans and design, I help to shape systems for data collection, sharing and communication around user needs and behaviours. Moving on to compiling research findings and presenting insights and actionable recommendations for future iterations.

I practice as a member of Data Collective, DTC, and I am the founder of OrangegnarO, a small Design Consultancy. Both roles are focused on how we can use data in smarter ways to better understand our species (audience / citizen / consumer / customer / public / user) needs and desires. This work exists in both executed projects and in speculative research which aims to inform policy and decision making.

In my spare time you will find me between my garden and kitchen, growing, cooking, preserving, brewing or baking.



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Visual Diary

I keep a visual diary on Instagram. Here are a few of my most recent posts.

I use this space to explore and document the inherent beauty of our daily surroundings, where it is often overlooked or least expected.

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