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Impact Report 2017
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Brief: Complete the Impact Report 2017 for the not-for-profit Impact Hub Kings Cross, highlighting the positive social impact of the organisation as well as the impact of the community their of members. The report must be clear and engaging to read as it will be used to promote the organization and entice new members throughout the tenth year operation.

Client: Impact Hub Kings Cross

Overview: Engage the community to provide their stories to create a coherent and celebratory narrative for Impact Hub Kings Cross. This will be backed up with statistics from the organisation within Kings Cross and the wider global network. Oversee the production of images to accompany the user stories. Design, illustrate and layout content in booklet form for print and digital use. Produce to a high standard within tight budget and time frame.

My Role:I was the sole contractor on this project. I worked as a Multidisciplinary Designer focusing on user research and graphic design. Throughout the project I engaged with the CEO, Community Manager and Digital Communications Specialist as well as the community members. My duties were to work with Community Manager to create qualitative and quantitative data to form the basis of the content for the booklet. Alongside this I illustrated, analysed and interpreted data, created visualisations, developed concepts, colour schemes & layout and managed the projects tight budget.

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My Approach: The first step was to identify members with really positive stories from their businesses throughout the year of 2017. Looking for narratives that were representative of the work of the internal team and the members community as a whole, we conducted in depth interviews and portrait sessions with a cross section of members. Alongside this I worked (individual discussion & questionnaire) with the internal team to identify the key service we offer to our members. Once these were defined I designed a set of custom icons to represent these services. Next we cross referenced the interview transcripts and pulled out the stories that related closest with our key services. These became the stories that would make the final copy.

At this point I began working on the color scheme and layout for the booklet. Adhering to strict global brand guidelines I developed 3 original design pathways. Presenting this to the CEO and team we selected a colourful design pathway, this created an atmosphere of fun for the overall publication while providing each individual participant with their own identity. Using several visual elements, bold colour, hand drawn illustration and professional imagery, I represented an active, creative community in a cohesive manner.

I finalised all the elements and built out the design as I waited for the final copy. Once proof read the finished booklet was sent to print a launched at an event in March. Soon after it was published online.

Example member story spread

Key value propositions were: Reducing page count and size, therefore reducing cost and environmental impact. This was achieved through the design of custom icons to save space on pages. Promote the achievements of the organisation and the entrepreneurial community that it supports.

Results:The results of this project were 2 sets of custom icons, 1 booklet print file and 1 booklet digital file.

Lessons Learnt: Working as a contractor, timescales can be difficult to control when working on customer-facing projects with many stakeholders. I managed this by keeping on top of the elements in my control. This meant adding everything I could into the project framework and adding placeholders where this was not possible. I carefully listed the missing pieces and contacted those responsible as well as advising my main contact, the Communities Manager. Once the content was received I added to the document and ticked it off.

In order to provide deep and meaningful insight into the achievements of the Community, and highlight the benefits of the services provided by the support team, I had to use several research methods. The members who have the best stories to tell are often the busiest, the most shy,or even don’t realise how inspirational their journey has been. Cross referencing data from the internal computer system, survey data and most importantly casually engaging members in conversation over a cup of tea, helped me to secure the best user stories for the publication.

Hand drawn SDG icons

Example of data visualisations

Member quotes from interviews
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